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Why is yellow light used in PCB dust-free workshop?


The most sensitive glue (photoresist, photoresist) light sensitive range is below 450nm, the wavelength of the light is in principle the clean room as long as the above 500nm even if it is safe, clean washing drying machine will not cause the error sensitive and early exposure, while the red light, yellow light, green light and blue light can be used in clean room lighting, but because of the following reasons, the choice of "yellow light" For the main lighting of the dust-free room.

Red light dust-free room, if long-term stay for eight hours, the mood will become more impetuous.

Green light dustless room, under the projection of green light, to see colleagues in the dustless room, dustless operation desk will become "see ghost".

Blue light dustless chamber, because the blue light wavelength is too close to ultraviolet light, leading to longer wavelength (436 nm) sensitive photoresistance, may cause misexposure.

Yellow light dust-free room is the most acceptable physical and human aspects.

In view of the above reasons, the yellow light dust-free room is adopted.

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