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Attention to the use of air shower room


Ultraviolet germicidal lamp actually belongs to a low pressure mercury lamp. A low pressure mercury lamp is the use of low pressure mercury vapor intensified and emit ultraviolet Davis, the emission spectral line are two: one is the wavelength of 253.7nm; the other is a 185nm wavelength, the two are invisible due to ultraviolet UV. Kill the cells, so take care not to direct exposure to UV disinfection The skin, especially the eyes, should not look directly at the lamp tube when the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is lit, because the short-wave ultraviolet rays do not pass through the ordinary glass, wearing glasses can avoid eye injury. The infrared automatic induction air shower room in the air shower room refers to the whole intelligent circuit board system which detects that the human station automatically starts all devices in the induction area after the cut off of the infrared sensor and the light sensitivity at the other end. So when using ultraviolet sterilizing lamp in the air shower room, it is not appropriate to turn on the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp for a long time. It is set to switch on the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp to protect the operator from harm to human body.

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