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Cooperation achievements


Two thousand and eight

New Air Conditioning Engineering Equipment of Chengda Hospital

Equipment of Yongxin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.

Equipment of Guoguang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Influenza Epidemic Plant)

Two thousand and nine

Dust-free room equipment of Qunchuang No.2 Plant

Wonderful Material Dustproof Room Equipment

Kunshan South Asia Dustproof Room Equipment

2010-2012 to date

== Government and Research Institutions==

Academia Sinica

National Science Council

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nuclear Power Institute

Chunghwa Telecom

China Telecom Research Institute

Taiwanese Institute of Pig Science*

Taiwan Agricultural Laboratory

Taiwan Agricultural Improvement Farm

Pharmaceutical Toxicology Laboratory

Narcotic Drug Manager's Office of the Executive Yuan

Institute of Preventive Medicine

Commodity Inspection Bureau

Institute of Food Industry Development

Zhongshan Institute of Science

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation

(Added in succession)

== Electronics and Semiconductor Industry==

Mingqi Computer

Chi Mei Electronics

Platform electron

Sharp Electronics




Canon Taiwan


Shentong Computer

Optical technology



Advanced Semiconductor Engineering

Interfacial photoelectricity

South Asia plastics

South Asia Printing

Hong Jie circuit

Wus Printed Circuit


Li Wei Technology

Silicon electronics

Taiwan International Aviation and Telecommunications

Datong heavy electricity


Yao Wen Electronics

Yaohua Electronics

Hitachi Electronics

Nitto Denko

Qisheng Technology

Force technology

Shangbao Semiconductor

Chia Mao Technology

You Jia Technology


League of nations photoelectric

Guo Qiao photoelectric

Walter Electronics

Yixin Electronics

Xincheng Technology

All Mao Technology

Jing Peng Electronics

Feixin Semiconductor

Hongxing Electronics

Huatong computer

Silicon technology

All-Friend Computer

Dongyuan information

Right way technology

Jiaxin photoelectric

Yijia Technology


Wei Jun

Macro measurement

Public crystal

Li Qiang


Jia Jing


Nan Zi printing

Sumitomo Electronics

Hui Hua Electronics

Weft Technology

First-class high technology

Drilling silicon

King Yuan Electronics

Bi Yu Electronics

Jiafu Electronics

Good state

Asian enterprises

Union Mao

lead data

Shubon Technology

Li Zhou Enterprises

Hua Tuo

Hua Zhi


Taiwan nappe


Unified alliance electron

Geng Lin Electronics

Taiwan Applied Materials


Jun Pu Technology

Fubao Electronics

International Joint Science and Technology

Storis method

Xinzhong Computer

LiTek Opto-Electronics

Taiwan crystal technology

antonin artaud

Wt Technology

Yuan Tai Technology

Taigu photoelectric

Taiwan copper foil

Asia photoelectric

Yuan Jin

Atlas technology

Guan Yi Electronics


Quasi precision

United League

Huamei compact disc

Achieve advanced science and technology

Tai Yu

South Asia Jinxing Factory

South Asia Xingang Plant

South Asia Linkou Battery Factory

Double disk technology


Crystal technology

Nine crown technology

(Added in succession)

== Food industry==

Yimei food

Taste of love

TingHsin Group

Wangjia (Wangwang)

Taste food

Citigroup cake

Xiaomei Ice Cream

Unified enterprise


Double-leaf ice cream

Dust-free and aseptic hand-washing dryer Capital goat milk

Kang Quan goat milk

Dechang food

Sheng Xiang Zhen

(Added in succession)

== School Research Unit==

National Taiwan University

Tsinghua University

Jiaotong University

Successful university

ZTE undergraduate

tunghai university

Feng Chia University

National Taipei University of Technology

Southern Taiwan University

East Asia Institute of Technology

(Added in succession)

== Medical institutions==


Rongmin General Hospital

Cheng Da Hospital

Wanfang Hospital

Far Eastern Hospital

Chung Xiao hospital

Chang Gung hospital

Taipei Medical College

Kaohsiung Medical College

Beigang Mazumiao Hospital

Shalutong General Hospital

Revitalization hospital

Affiliated Hospital of China Medical College

Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan Medical College

Major hospitals of the National Military Hospital

(Added in succession)

== Other industries==

Changchun petrochemical

Yuan Fu aluminum industry

Billion traffic

Yok Yisheng

Ming Tai Chemical Industry

Table salt

Australian National Maritime Museum

Lin Yuanchang Family Business Production Cooperative

Taizong Biotechnology

Military arsenals

Industrial Fighter Maintenance Plant

(Added in succession)



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